Payroll & HR

Virtual Payroll & HR in Central Florida and Nationwide

JA Financial offers clients the ability to outsource their Payroll needs. We work with clients to find the right payroll platform for their needs.

Payroll Administration 

  • Maintain time and attendance records
  • Establish and maintain employee/payroll records
  • Prepare reports for Management
  • Post changes in pay and tax status

Technology Selection & Implementation 

  • Evaluate payroll & HRIS needs
  • Act as broker between client and provider
  • Determine necessary products required to fully integrate HR objectives and payroll solutions


  • Reporting and filing of workers compensation claims
  • ACA
  • Cobra
  • Unemployment

Employee Support

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Regular employee communication
  • Direct contact for employee payroll questions
  • Integrated member of our clients’ corporate team

JA Financial supports your human resource efforts with scalable HR services, so you can focus on employee performance and productivity. We will maintain full control of your employees, while reducing HR paperwork, and getting help with HR tasks, regulations, and employee benefits. We will help to lessen the risks associated with human resources, benefits, and safety regulations.